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Cobra simulation is a long time trusted display hardware and now estabilished virtual software compamny. Launched in 2012 with its first product, the Cobra Curved Display the company has developed a strong, credible reputation among its clients. Our entire buisness has advanced leaps and bounds since then too both technologically and industrially. Our core message remains the same “Combine, Create and Innovate”.

Keeping up with the fast paced enviroment of virtual tech the logical advancvement of our comapny comes with developing our software. The metaverse is just a conduit for our important work with the training and simulation industry, to make it more acceseible to everyone. Inclusion is a big part of our company strategy and this creates even more avenues for possibilty.

Our sucsess with the projection domes include clients such as The norweigian armed forces, conventry university, CHU Sainte-Justine and MBDA systems. Our software side has already gained some noteritiy as we entered facebooks (newly re-branded meta) XR hackathon competition where we won honorable mention and a cash prize of $10,000 which will aid in our advancement of the software in development.