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What is the Metaverse?

The MetaVerse is a persistent virtual space that will exist alongside the real world.

Using virtual and mixed reality interactive devices it will serve as a hub for any person, organisation or business to interact, commercially transact and make connections or experiences within.

  • Just as phones replaced letters.
  • Computers replaced board games.
  • and tv news replaced newspapers.

The MetaVerse is replacing the internet as we know it today. We will interact with the MetaVerse using all of our five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste). Creating what Cobra refers to now as the SIXTH sense "PRESENCE". "Presence creation" is the key to the future of immersive software development.

Presence Creation

Presence creation is all about the user experience and how they are engaged within the MetaVerse. The Cobra Simulation team has built its reputation delivering immersive interactive devices and experiences to an international client base. It offers a range of services to generate presence with a focus in the simulation and training industry.


Cobra's Meta Hackathon Entry

Cobra simulation entered Facebook's (newly re-branded Meta) hackathon with a invaluable fire saftey training simulation. It uses augmented reality to simulate a scene where the general population can learn how to escape a fire in a hazard-free enviroment. With many changeable features such as obstacles, fire type, saftey equipment and smoke height. You can create the most realistic fire simulation that will contribute to helping the civillian population tackle fire saftey in a risk-free setting. 

Varjo VR Teleport

The company Varjo has developed a software called teleport which is an " out-of-the-box virtual environment for enhanced professional collaboration and communication​". It features human like avatars and spaces that can harbour realistic 3-D models and media to create a shared understanding within a group or company. Varjo teleport has a virtual toolset that can be useful when working on projects that intergrate other softwares as well. Teamwork is a big part of teleport as it offers a space for large gatherings without the cost of travel or risk of contact in these trying times.

  • Facebook Horizon:

  • Horizon worlds is another meeting based VR programme where groups of friends can meet and create fun worlds to explore and play in. With features like "safe zone" that takes you out into your own private bubble if things get overwhelming, safety and privacy are big concerns in this day and age of online living, the metaverse will be no different. Monitoring makes it easy to report something if its needed.